среда, 18 апреля 2012 г.

Конкурс "Краски Жизни!"

На форуме "Yarni" стартует новый конкурс по вязанию. Техника и изделия не имеют значения, главное - цветотерапия! Главное условие конкурса - многоцветность, да так, чтобы было весело, позитивно, ярко! На конкурс принимается не более 3 работ от одного участника.
Победителям по двум номинациям (1-3 места) будет вручен (выслан) приз - ПРЯЖА от магазина "Арабеска" на выбор!

Читайте подробности конкурса.

3 комментария:

  1. Hello! Thanks for sharing info! I would like to take a part in this competition so much. I have made recently very well matching the theme of the competition crochet works! But I could see that it was meant to be only for forum participants. Can I still send my works to them? Thanks and hope to get your reply soon.

  2. Hi Indianka! I do not know the whole rules and maybe you need to participate that forum to take a part. But you can contact with Evgenia (the e-mail posted is her), she is an owner of shop and forum. I will ask her myself if you wish.

    It would be so lovely to see your colorful works!

    1. Thanks for reply, Lena! Well, if necessary I can join the forum, not an issue. I will contact Evgeniya then.
      Take care!